Microarray Laboratory Packages

Life science research and diagnostics demands comprehensive experiments and quick turn around of results. CapitalBio have compiled as series of MICROARRAY LABORATORY PACKAGES, with all you need to produce, hybridize, scan and interpret microarrays – both protein and DNA arrays. The MICROARRAY LABORATORY PACKAGES are designed for utility, but are mean to be fully flexible – You choose the content and your dealer will provide you with a quotation price. Our PACKAGES are the most cost effective you will find – anywhere.


Research Lab Packages

Our RESEARCH LAB PACKAGES provide the ideal choice for the small laboratory to spot your experiments of one day and analyze them the next, for seamless experimental throughput. The research lab package provides spotting, hybridizing and analyzing capacity of 16 slides per day.

Core Lab Packages

Our CORE LAB PACKAGES up the ante – with instruments for large-scale production of microarrays and automated high throughput scanning. According to the configuration, the core lab package can improve the throughput to more than 60 slides per day.

 Clinical Lab Packages


Our CLINICAL LAB PACKAGES are designed for the busy hospital analysis laboratory, with sample preparation and microarray analysis instruments. Dedicated software completes the packages, with total diagnosis and data deposition solutions.
The clinical lab package is tailored to meet the clinical needs. The capacity of slide processing is up to 60 slides per day. In addition, the RT-Cycler could provide verification of the results.

*CB-LDMS: Life Science Data Management Systems V4.0
*CB-EMR: Electronic Medical Record V4.0
*CB-MAS: Molecular Annotation System V4.0
*Please consult the local distributors to get details of the configurations and quotes.