Microarray Printing and Application

CapitalBio provides everything you need to set up your microarray platform including instruments, consumables and reagents, software and database support.




Sample Preparation

◆ Extractor 36 Nucleic Acid Extractor
◆ EcoSampler Analyte Extraction Station
◆ Universal Kit for Bacterial DNA extraction

Array Production

◆ PersonalArrayer 16 Microarray Spotter
◆ SmartArrayer 48 Microarray Spotter
◆ SmartArrayer 136 Microarray Spotter
◆ Microarray Slides
◆ Microarray Spotting Buffer

Array Reaction

◆ BioMixer II Microarray Hybridization Station
◆ SlideWasher 8 Slide Clean-up Station
◆ HybSet Microarray Hybridization Cassette
◆ IncuSet Protein Chip Incubation Cassette
◆ SmartSlide Multi-Sample Grid & SmartCover Multi-Sample Cover Slip
◆ Slide Centrifugation Tube
◆ Microarray Reaction Control Kit
◆ RNA Amplification and Labeling Kits

Array Scanning

◆ LuxScan 10K Microarray Scanner
◆ LuxScan HT24 Microarray Scanner
◆ CalSlide Nano-Fluorescence Calibration Slide

Data Analysis

◆ SpotData Pro V3.0 Microarray Image Analysis Software
◆ Dedicated analysis and diagnosis software for specific kits and assays


◆ Life Science Data Management System V4.0
◆ Molecular Annotation System V4.0
◆ Electronic Medical Record V4.0