SmartArrayer 48

SmartArrayer 48 is equipped with dual printing systems: contact print-head and proprietary non-contact spray head. The dual-purpose microarray spotter has easy-to-use features and prints liquid samples onto various substrates, such as glass, silicon or membranes, with high precision and maximum flexibility.

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◆ High speed precision X, Y, Z motion at 300 mm/sec velocity and 3,000 mm/sec² acceleration if 32 pins are fitted
◆ Proprietary non-contact dispensing technology
◆ Dispense volume is adjustable from 10 nl to 50 μl
◆ Air pressure-driven dispensing ensures no direct contact with slide substrates for less contamination and higher sample recovery rates
◆ User-friendly software interface with various array design selections and array previews available
◆ High efficiency pinhead wash: Customizable combination of sonication, water/solvent wash with high speed peristaltic pump and vacuum drying of printing pins
◆ Humidity control and temperature monitoring


SmartArrayer Application




Contact spotting
Non-contact dispensing
48 slides
Positioning Repeatability
Positioning resolution
1.2 μm (X and Y axis); 0.6 μm (Z axis)
No. of pins
1, 2, 4 (8, 16, 32 48 optional)
1 (2, 4 optional)
Minimum sample delivery volume
0.5 nl
10 nl
Minimum sample loading volume
0.25 μl
Spot diameter
≥62.5 μm
~400 μm
Single Round Completion Time (including pinhead wash)
< 90 s
< 100 s
AC 110V/AC 220V
1,100 Watts
1,100 + 400 Watts

*Subject to the type of contact pin or non-contact dispenser used



Cat. No.
Product Name
Product Description
SmartArrayer 48 Microarray Spotter
Dual system contact and non-contact printing
SmartArrayer 48 Microarray Spotter
Contact printing module only
SmartArrayer 48 Microarray Spotter
Non-contact spray module only
DNA Spotting Buffer
5 ml, 25 ml/package
Protein Spotting Buffer A
5 ml/package
Protein Spotting Buffer B
5 ml/package

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