NanoQ Micro-volume Spectrophotometer

The NanoQ is a micro-volume spectrophotometer designed to measure very small sample volumes directly on a detection surface without dilution and in minimal time. The NanoQ utilizes the principles of light reflection and liquid surface tension to hold the sample in fixed position during measurement. Volumes of samples as small as 0.7μl can be measured with high accuracy and reproducibility. The NanoQ eliminates the need for cumbersome cuvettes and the measurement surface can be cleaned up in seconds, ready for the next sample measurement. The NanoQ represents the latest in spectrophotometer design, the fixed cover reflector design completely eliminates the tolerance range changes caused by mechanical movements and avoids optical path changes during measurement, and the small sample test chamber eliminates all stray light, shields any background interference and avoids liquid evaporation, resulting in improved measurement accuracy.

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◆ The measurement precision has a CV of <3% over the sample concentration range of 40-4000ng/μl (dsDNA), and an error of approximately ±2ng/μl with in the sample concentration range of 2-100ng/μl.
◆ The UV detection range is highly sensitive, providing accurate measurements
◆ The minimum measurable sample volume is 0.7μl, yet has with high detection precision
◆ Novel hydrophobic measurement surface eliminates the need for a cuvette: directly pipette the sample onto the measurement surface: Simply “place a drop and measure.”
◆ All operations are simple and made convenient for the busy laboratory.
◆ The measurement surface can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe of a tissue, or “wipe, rinse and wipe again” for assured cleanliness.
◆ When testing a precious or limited sample, the hydrophobic coating facilitates sample recovery.
◆ The hydrophobic coating reduces the likelihood for contamination of a subsequent test sample.
◆ The closed small volume test chamber prevents sample evaporation.
◆ The light source is highly stable, warm-up time is eliminated and sample measurement can commence in less than 6 seconds.
◆ A unique filtering algorithm minimizes the influence of light source fluctuations.

Calibration Method and Tools

A calibration algorithm ensures measurement at low concentration samples with good accuracy and reproducibility.
◆ Provides open and flexible calibration methods for the user
◆ Provides flexibility to employ easy-to-use calibration reagents


The user-friendly software interface facilitates reports and the saving of images, and provides the choice of multi-image display modules.
◆ Provides optional display modules for absorbance and intensity for the user
◆ Easy and user-friendly software interface to facilitate data analysis for the user

NanoQ Data Export


Measurement of nucleic acids(ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA), protein (BSA) and sample purity (A260/A280 ratio).

Comparative Performance Evaluation

A comparative performance evaluation of NanoQ and another qualified competitive instrument Nano* using standard dsDNA revealed that NanoQ generated better performance and reproducibility at low concentration and better linearity.

Linearity of Measurement of dsDNA Standards

NanoQ Linearity

NanoQ Linearity

Spectral range
Wavelength Accuracy
Wavelength Resolution
1.8nm ([email protected] 253.7nm)
Absorbance Accuracy
3% (260nm, at 0.303Abs)
Absorbance Precision
0.002Abs (1mm path)
Absorbance Range
0.0280 (10mm equivalent absorbance)
Measurement Range
2-2600 ng/μl (ssDNA) 1.5-4000 ng/μl (dsDNA),, 2-3200 ng/μl (RNA), 0.1-106.7mg/ml (BSA)
Measurement Accuracy
CV <3% (25-2000 ng/μl (ssDNA), 40-3000 ng/μl (dsDNA), 35-2500 ng/μl (RNA), 0.15-80 mg/ml (BSA))
2048-element linear CCD array
Measurement Cycle Time
<5 seconds
Optical Path Length
0.2/ 1.0mm
Sample Volume
Size (W×D×H)

Cat. No.
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Product Description
200-400nm micro-volume spectrophotometer