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CalSlide I/II Nano-Fluorescence calibration slides are novel fluorescence calibration tools based on CapitalBio′s proprietary Nanobrite™  technology. It is specifically designed for the daily calibration and maintenance of fluorescence microarray scanners and other fluorescence measuring instruments.
Microarray Reaction Control Kit
Gene expression profiling arrays are commonly used for the detection of gene expression levels. The validity of the array detection result can be determined by the hybridization results of the internal controls (usually housekeeping genes) and external controls printed in the arrays. The hybridization results of the internal controls reflect the properties and quantities of the test samples. While the hybridization results of the external controls may be used to monitor the experimental process.
DNA Spotting Buffer and Protein Spotting Buffers
CapitalBio DNA Spotting Buffer is an optimized spotting solution system for DNA and oligonucleotide microarray applications, including modified DNA and oligonucleotides. The spotting solution consists of advanced formula for stabilizing nucleic acids and minimizing evaporation, having optimal viscidity and surface tension for contact spotting on various coated glass substrates. The buffer increases DNA deposition, spot precision and uniformity. The buffer will produce the best results when spotting on CapitalBio microarray substrates.
CapitalBio Protein Spotting Buffers are optimized spotting solutions for antigen and antibody microarray applications. The spotting buffers consist of proprietary ingredients for stabilizing protein and minimizing evaporation, featuring optimal viscidity and surface tension for contact spotting on various coated glass substrates. The buffers also increase protein immobilization, spot morphology and uniformity. Optimal results will be obtained when used with CapitalBio microarray substrates. CapitalBio OPPolymerSlide G is recommended to be used together with the Protein Spotting Buffer A. CapitalBio OPEpoxySlide is recommended to be used together with the Protein Spotting Buffer B.
IncuSet Protein Chip Incubation Cassette
IncuSet Protein Chip Incubation Cassette aids incubation processes for protein chips. The unit can accommodate standard microscope slides (25 mm × 75 mm) with or without SmartCover. The design of the cassettes ensures uniform reaction temperatures among multiple slides. Wells in the base hold 200 μL of water to maintain optimal internal humidity during incubation at elevated temperature.
SmartGrid & SmartCover
SmartGrid and SmartCover allow multiple samples (4, 10 and 12 samples) to be handled on a single microarray slide under identical reaction conditions.
SmartCover helps to enhance the quality of hybridization or immunoreaction, and to facilitate the manual sample injection. Using SmartCover can also minimize the hybridization variability or immunoreaction variability.
SmartStick Tool and SmartPress Tool
CapitalBio SmartStick and SmartPress are dedicated tools for the manipulation of SmartGrid and SmartCover. Precise positioning of the SmartGrid is needed for correct adhesion of the CapitalBio SmartCover and is also necessary to prevent spoilage of the hybridization buffer.
Slide Centrifugation Tube
The Slide Centrifuge Tube is specially designed for microarray slide centrifugation, cleaning and storage.
The slide slots into a fixed position for centrifugation to dry the slide, preventing any possible damage to the surface. The tube is compatible to most of the commonly used centrifuges on the market.
Microarray Hybridization Cassette
HybSet microarray hybridization cassette holds a 25 mm × 75 mm microarray slide in an isolated environment to prevent evaporation of the hybridization solution, improving the S/N ratio of the hybridization reaction. Each HybSet consists of a base-board, two brackets, a sealing ring (gasket), a cover board, and a pair of metal retaining clips. The sealing ring and metal clips ensure that the hybridization chamber remains closed and watertight in the waterbath, guaranteeing uniform temperature and humidity. The cassette can be used in a water bath or air bath. A series of brackets can be chosen to accommodate standard slide, or a slide with the SmartGrid, or a slide with the SmartGrid and SmartCover.
Microarray Substrates
The quality of the glass substrate surface modification is always a critical issue in microarray analysis. As CapitalBio, the slide surface modification process has been optimized for uniformity and compatibility with a number of reactive groups.
CapitalBio offers a full set of precision modified glass slides, for both contact and non-contact printing of various nuclear acids and proteins.
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