Mycobacteria Real-time PCR Detection Kit

Mycobacteria Real-time PCR Detection Kit can detect tuberculosis and nontuberculous mycobacteria simultaneously in one tube. It employs quantitative real-time analysis of DNA samples from various sources based on the unique pairs of probes and optimized buffers. The kit shows a high coincidence with traditional methods, but with analysis in 3 hours rather than days.

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◆ Accuracy: TB and NTM can be detected simultaneously in one tube with parallel, real-time fluorescence data
◆ Sensitivity: Specially designed probes ensure the high sensitivity and specificity. The lower detection limit is 10 MTB or 100 NTM bacteria per PCR reaction
◆ Efficiency: One test one tube format for easy and rapid detection of both MTB and NTM.
◆ A rapid assay which can be done in 3 hours
◆ Evaluation with hundreds of clinical samples shows a high coincidence with traditional methods






Packing Size
20 tests / kit
at -20 in darkness
Shelf Life
8 months
ABI 7000, ABI 7500, Eppendorf Mastercycler realplex 4
Down to 10 MTB or 100 NTM bacteria per PCR reaction

In the clinical trial of 1,071 samples by 3 independent hospitals, 97.0% of positive samples in bacteriologic analysis can be detected, the sensitivity is 50.3% (compared to about 10% for sputum smear and about 30% for sputum culture) and the specificity is 98.9%.

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Mycobacteria Real-time PCR Detection Kit

20 tests


CE-IVD Certificate

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